Are the New Domain Extensions Worth It?

6 Jun , 2017 Articles

Are the New Domain Extensions Worth It?

Since being a part of the dot com world has become a rage, domains have started to become rare and there are now different extensions that are available and companies are now even adopting them rather than waiting for the availability of .com domain. Google is now going to rearrange the algorithm so that websites are only going to get preferences according to traffic that the website gets.  Thus, the general opinion is to adopt the new domains so that they are relevant to your website and helps the business grow.

The companies that have opted by choice not to use the dot com business have a great opportunity to use descriptive and relevant domain names that are closer to the brand itself.  Using a brand name as a part of the domain makes it a strong contender in turning up in the searches. New domain extensions can also help in strengthening the brand. When people use their brand names in the web address the customers feel linked to the brand and have a high recall.

There are three situations where the use of new domain extension is not worthy and might have a negative impact on the business:

  • When you assign a name very much similar to your competitor or the address sound much like your competitor, you are more likely to drive the business to your competitor or in some cases, you might be even sued by your competitor for choosing a similar name. It is advised that the chosen name should be unique and decided after research rather than keeping a name on an impulse.
  • When your consumers are less tech savvy, they might not be able to understand the domain extension and hence it might affect your reputation with your own customers. The names should be decided keeping in mind the customer base. People generally assume .com .edu or. (any country name) a more of a relevant web address. People who are aware of the linguistics of the dot com world can relate and understand.
  • Having a domain extension can give your customers an open opportunity to connect with you and you should make it clear at the start itself so that consumers are not confused or mislead in any way.

Domain extensions can help build a stronger and more secure brand image as compared to simpler domains.

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