How to Change You Web Hosting Service While Retaining Your Domain Name

14 Jun , 2017 Articles

How to Change You Web Hosting Service While Retaining Your Domain Name

It might seem like a mammoth task; switching from one web hosting service to the other and putting up with all the resistance your current web hosting service provider will put up in a move to make you stay with them. However, it is not impossible and go smoother than you would think if you know the correct procedure and your domain name will remain the same!

Here is a guide on how to go about changing your web hosting service while also keeping your domain name

  1. Purchase a New Webhost

When switching your web hosting service the first thing you have to do is find your new web host. So, look for one who offers solutions to the problems you have been encountering. Make sure while you do this that you find a third part domain provider to register your domain with so that in the future if you want to switch your web hosting service again, taking your domain name with you is not a problem at all.

  1. Backup Everything on the New Web Host

You need to back up all the data for your web site you had on your new web host. This might take some time as you might need to tweak the settings in your MySQL or PHP files to help make this transfer of data possible. However, if you were using a CMS such as WordPress, you are in luck since most of them have an import or export function which can help you transfer everything.

  1. Do a Final Check

You need to ensure all data and apps you transferred are working properly on your new website. If you do not have your domain name yet you can preview the site with the numbered IP address. This will help you find the bugs and issues the websites have so you can tweak them before you launch the site again.

  1. Change your DNS and Inform your Former Host

You need to change your DNS to your new web host with your registrar. The process can take up to a day to finalize hence you need to be wary of the downtime involved in getting your website back up and functional again. Make sure to inform your website visitors and users of this so they know about how the site may not be functional for a little while as the web hosting is transferred.

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