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SEO secrets of keyword-relevant domain extensions, what are they? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a generic term used to refer to the dynamics that search engine such as Google, Bing, Duck-duck go, Yahoo, among others, uses to determine the position of your web page in the search results. The search results rely on the keywords that a user keys in on the search tab of any of the engine.
While as lots of dynamics are applied in determining your site ranking on the search engine, keyword-relevant domain extension can play a vital role in improving your page rank.



Here are the 5 top secrets:

    • Use of descriptive words on your domain extension – Recent research sponsored by Domain Names Association revealed that use of a relevant keyword on domain extension enhances your ranking. The study shows that companies using most searched terms as part of their domain names and extensions get a high chance of visibility. There are some companies that offer tools domains name generators and can help you to find a great domain name for your website. However, Google treats all extensions the same way whether they are .com or not com ones. Despite this, keyword-relevant domains require fewer backlinks to be rank better than the .com counterparts. As such, selecting descriptive words as part of your domain extensions offers you’re a better position on the search engines than the .com ones.


    • Require less effort to rank on the first pageDomain Authority is a scale used to determine the rating of the worth and amount of links on a site in a 1-100 score. The DA assessment shows that keyword-relevant extension sites require minimum links than the .com ones. According to it, .com site has to get 33 inbound links while the later needs 4 to be visible on Google’s first page. With this in mind, having a web page that encompasses keywords on the right and left the side of the dot, enhances your SEO rankings. Also, you only need to work less to achieve that objective in comparison with your competitors operating .com web pages.


    • Cost-effectiveness of online marketing – Modern business competition shifted to online presence. Each organization puts its entire efforts to enhance its search engine visibility. Companies spend a lot of cash on paid ads, backlinks as well as online mentions. All these actions aim at winning a better position on the search engines and particularly on Google’s first page. With a keyword-relevant extension, your business will save a lot on better ranking efforts. Being creative when developing your domain extension can secure better ranking for your site without even spending a dime. For instance, the ‘’ domain does not require paying to rank better as it attracts high traffics daily. As such, with such a domain extension you would only need a simple budget to enhance your online business presence.


    • Target industry – When creation your domain extension, ensure you target a particular industry. Industrial target extensions have higher chances of better ranks on the search engine. Notably, using keywords relevant to a particular industry such finance, medicine, insurance, among others as part of your domain extension promotes your site to better positions. Moz and other keyword analysis have proved that industrial targeted extensions are more visible on the search engines than the later.


  • Enhance signal relevance – Using keyword on your domain extension does not guarantee you a better ranking. However, using keyword-relevant domain extension enable search engines to bond keywords in it and direct appropriate signals to your site. As a result, it boosts your site rankings.


In whole, relevant keyword domain extensions play a crucial role in enhancing your SEO rankings. Use of industrial targeted keywords would boost your SEO ranks.

As well, this approach saves your money for promoting your business on online platforms.


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